Xyngular GLP-X Assessment: As Good as Ozempic?

I’ve been getting a variety of emails a couple of new Xyngular product referred to as GLP-X. As the corporate web site says, ‘GLP-X is a premium complement formulation crafted from naturally sourced components clinically studied to extend GLP-1 manufacturing.* (notice asterisk that results in disclaimer that none of those claims have been evaluated by the FDA) It isn’t nearly managing weight—it’s about elevating your outcomes.’

xyngular glp-x review

As a registered dietitian, I’m all the time taken with taking a better have a look at these kinds of firms and their dietary supplements, as a result of all too usually, I discover that they sidestep the reality, and the analysis, within the curiosity of constructing gross sales.

This GLP-X evaluation examines the claims that Xyngular and its salespeople are making about this product, what GLP-1 is, and if we are able to actually ‘hack’ it with food regimen and dietary supplements to imitate the motion of GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic.

What’s GLP-1?

GLP-1, or glucagon-like peptide-1, is a peptide hormone that’s produced within the gut. Its job is to stimulate insulin (which brings glucose into cells, and is why GLP-1 medicine have been initially accepted as drugs for diabetes), and inhibit glucagon (glucagon will increase blood sugar and fatty acids within the blood when meals isn’t current). 

GLP-1 additionally slows down gastrointestinal motility, which makes us really feel fuller for longer. Therefore, weight reduction (and sure, unwanted side effects like vomiting for some people who find themselves on GLP-1 agonist meds).

How do GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic work?

I wrote about Ozempic and different GLP-1 agonists for weight reduction right here

All of us have GLP-1 receptors in our physique. GLP-1 agonists are analog variations of our personal GLP-1 (comparable, however not precisely the identical), and so they work by binding to and activating our physique’s GLP-1 receptors. 

When this occurs, we see the identical results as those I described above: elevated insulin and decreased glucagon, and slowed motility with ensuing fullness. 

GLP-1 agonists have confirmed to be extraordinarily protected and efficient for weight reduction, however predictably, there are individuals and corporations desirous to make their very own buck by convincing others that ‘Huge Pharma’ is the enemy and that ‘pure’ GLP-1 dietary supplements are so a lot better than precise remedy.

Take a look at this publish about Xyngular GLP-X:

does xyngular glp-x workdoes xyngular glp-x work

The selling of Huge Pharma conspiracy theories whereas spouting the Enchantment to Nature fallacy (pure is best! OMG SYNTHETIC MEDICATION!) is a traditional gross sales tactic that’s sadly changing into extra frequent, particularly amongst multi-level advertising and marketing salespeople. It’s flawed, deceptive, and simply plain opportunistic, which is the primary cause why, as a dietitian, I selected to write down this publish. 

Everybody ought to pay attention to this type of factor. Oh, and in addition, this complement is NOT ‘backed by 3 medical trials.’ Not even shut. See how MLM salespeople can mainly say something to promote product?

Horrible. Additionally: a 30 day provide of GLP-X prices $75 USD. Not precisely what I’d name ‘inexpensive.’

Can we enhance our GLP-1 naturally utilizing meals and dietary supplements?

Let’s begin with the meals a part of the equation.

There are specific meals which are identified to extend ranges of GLP-1 in our our bodies. Excessive-fibre grains, eggs, nuts, and avocado are amongst them, in keeping with this 2016 evaluation.

Specifically, mono and polyunsaturated fat, proteins, and fermentable fibre (fermentation within the intestine to short-chain fatty acids will increase GLP-1 ranges) from grains, legumes, and a few fruits like apples and inexperienced bananas. Analysis on this space is fairly hit and miss although, and as ordinary I’m reluctant to take animal research and extrapolate them to people. 

It’s protected to say that even when we eat meals that enhance GLP-1 ranges in our our bodies, this doesn’t even strategy the effectiveness of GLP-1 agonists for weight reduction. 

Let’s take into consideration this for a second – we’ve had entry to those meals eternally. Would we swiftly uncover that they’ve these magical weight reduction powers past what we already know?

I extremely doubt it.

My suggestions listed below are the identical as all the time: a lot of fibre, sufficient protein, wholesome fat. Can’t lose. 

So far as dietary supplements, as with meals, there have been none which have proven the extent of effectiveness of GLP-1 agonist drugs. 

If a complement does have comparable efficacy to precise GLP-1 agonist meds for weight reduction, it probably is not going to be bought by a multi-level advertising and marketing firm. Will probably be regulated by the FDA and used as a respectable remedy.

What’s Xyngular?

Xyngular is an MLM firm that sells diet merchandise. 

I did an up to date Xyngular evaluation on my website in 2020, and I doubt a lot has modified with the corporate since then.

Xyngular weight lossXyngular weight loss

Right here’s a few of Xyngular’s product lineup. Typical fats burners, ‘craving controllers, and intestine well being boosters.

Most if not all diet MLM firms make use of the identical methods to make gross sales (and that is by no means an exhaustive checklist):

Huge claims which are inconceivable to again up

Lack of oversight of their salespeoples’ social media posts

Poor or no analysis on their merchandise

Fixed upsells

Benefiting from girls who wish to make an revenue

I wrote about my points with MLMs and their coaches right here, however let’s simply say that Xyngular is unremarkable amongst its MLM friends. 

What’s Xyngular GLP-X?

Xyngular GLP-X is a complement that’s being marketed as a substitute for GLP-1 agonist drugs for weight reduction and ‘GLP-1 assist.’ What’s that, anyhow? I wasn’t conscious that our GLP-1 wanted to be supported.

Made up time period with imprecise well being declare = purple flag.

xyngular glp-x reviewxyngular glp-x review

It comes with all the ordinary bells and whistles of a newly launched MLM product – full court docket press gross sales throughout social media by the Xyngular salespeople, cute little graphics that inform us mainly nothing scientific, and naturally, magical and fantastical guarantees that this little bottle accommodates the reply to all of our issues…no prescription required!

what is xyngular GLP-xwhat is xyngular GLP-x

Xyngular GLP-X components

Herbs and chromium and proprietary blends, oh my! Right here’s what GLP-X has in it:

does xyngular glp-x workdoes xyngular glp-x work

Carb administration mix

This proprietary mix accommodates Eriomin and berberine. That is the particular mix in Xyngular GLP-X that the corporate states will increase GLP-1. 

Eriomin is a patented citrus bioflavonoid nutraceutical complement. A each day dose (2 capsules) of GLP-X accommodates 250mg of Eriomin.

The place have I heard about Eriomin earlier than? Oh, proper! The Glucose Goddess’s subsequent complement, Anti-Spike, accommodates it as effectively. I wrote all about Anti-Spike right here, and simply to repeat what I stated about Eriomin in that case, there are two research about this citrus extract and blood glucose. Each are comparatively unremarkable by way of blood sugar discount. 

One of many research, achieved in 2019, noticed a 15% rise in GLP-1 with dosages of 200-800 mg of Eriomin over 12 weeks. Nevertheless, researchers discovered it had no impact on physique weight, BMI, lean mass, fats mass, fats proportion, and hip waist ratio. 

The 12-week 2022 examine that includes Eriomin discovered a 17% rise in GLP-1 with 200 mg a day of the ingredient. Nevertheless, physique weight and BMI remained unchanged. 

You’ve in all probability heard me bang on and on concerning the significance of ‘medical relevance,’ and that is the proper time to indicate you what I imply. 

Within the above research, we see that GLP-1 ranges have been certainly increased after supplementation with Eriomin. This sounds nice, till you’re wanting to make use of this ingredient to advertise weight reduction. As a result of despite the fact that there was a major change within the examine topics’ GLP-1, nothing actually occurred to their weight whereas these ranges have been elevated. 

It mainly didn’t change a factor round weight. 

Repeat after me: it might be ‘important,’ however that doesn’t imply it’s clinically related to us!

So far as Berberine, we do know that it has constructive results for rising GLP-1 and for lowering blood glucose in individuals with diabetes. Nevertheless, berberine doesn’t decrease blood glucose by rising GLP-1 within the physique; it promotes insulin secretion and improves glucose regulation, amongst different mechanisms.

Once more, medical relevance of this ingredient for GLP-1-related weight reduction? In all probability none. 

GLP-X additionally accommodates a proprietary ‘water steadiness mix,’ in any other case referred to as a diuretic. Peeing out fluids doesn’t equal ‘weight reduction.’ Or, ought to I say, ‘fats loss.’ 

Then there’s the proprietary ‘urge for food assist mix,’ which accommodates the same old suspects: inexperienced espresso bean, 5-ATP, and phytosterols, none of which have ever been confirmed to facilitate important weight reduction in people.

Even so, a ton of multi-level marketed merchandise proceed to place these components of their weight reduction merchandise. Sadly, science doesn’t care how laborious you would like for one thing to work so your product will be the ‘subsequent neatest thing.’

A phrase about proprietary blends: I like to recommend not buying merchandise that comprise proprietary blends. These are mainly smokescreens that firms can conceal behind so that they don’t should reveal the precise quantities of components which are of their merchandise. It might be a little bit, it might be quite a bit. It might be the efficient dose (assuming any of the components are efficient in any respect), it might be much less. For GLP-X, for instance, we don’t know how a lot Berberine or Eriomin is in every capsule. It’s a roulette wheel that I don’t suggest spinning along with your pockets or your well being.

GLP-X has two extra components which are equally underwhelming for weight reduction and results on GLP-1: chromium and magnesium.

Nothing about these two minerals will increase weight reduction or GLP-1. That’s all.

xyngular glp-x reviewxyngular glp-x review

What? However I assumed GLP-X is ‘backed by 3 medical trials’?

The truth that Xyngular and its salespeople can say that the components on this product are ‘clinically studied to extend GLP-1’ makes most individuals suppose that 1. GLP-X itself has constructive research behind it (it doesn’t) and a pair of. the components ship clinically related and significant outcomes for GLP-1 resulting in weight reduction. 

Nope to all of that, however it’s a advertising and marketing tactic I see actually on daily basis with dietary supplements. It’s deceptive and it’s disappointing. 

Does Xyngular GLP-X work?

Whereas a number of the components in Xyngular GLP-X have been proven to enhance blood glucose administration in some individuals, there isn’t a analysis to indicate that the GLP-X complement itself really does what Xyngular claims it does.

There are many GLP-X testimonials, however these are simply faked, and guess what? MLM coaches like to publish them, however conveniently neglect to publish the not-so-glowing opinions, too.

what is xyngular glp-xwhat is xyngular glp-x

Why are we so determined to look a sure manner, that we belief our well being to those firms and their salespeople, most of whom have zero related well being coaching and who don’t care about our well being, solely their gross sales? Please don’t.

So far as ‘pure’ GLP-1 dietary supplements, these are extra fable than truth. Simply because one thing will increase our GLP-1 ranges doesn’t imply that this results in the load loss results we’d see with GLP-1 agonist drugs. In truth, the analysis is fairly clear that in most (if not all) circumstances, it doesn’t.

Save your $75.

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